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Full Home Inspections

Starting at $ 395

We provide home inspection services that conform to the
Washington state home inspectors’ Standards Of Practice (SOP).

This is by far the most common and requested inspection in real estate transactions. This is a full inspection of the house, it covers the exterior, interior, mechanical components and safety compliance of the home. It’s requested and paid for by the potential buyer after an official purchase offer has been made.

This inspection helps sellers and their agent price the home more accurate. Is requested by the seller prior to putting the house on the market. It includes the same items as the buyer’s inspection only this one is paid for by the seller

We perform site consultations in preparation for a formal offer submission. This is a verbal only observation of the house. No report or photos -it’s an “express” version of a home inspection. Sometimes is also called an “investor’s inspection”

We can perform inspections for condos, apartments single-unit or whole complex. This includes the interior of living spaces only.

We inspect commercial retail, offices, adult care facilities, event venues. Contact us for more info.

Although most people aware of the potential for asbestos content in popcorn ceiling, vinyl tiles, and pipe insulation; any building material that is not made of wood, metal, or glass may contain asbestos. We will help you to determine the appropriate sampling plan and protocol to ensure that you protect yourself from health impacts and liabilities, without wasting money on abating unnecessary materials. We would be happy to discuss your project specifics and come up with a plan that satisfies the legal and health obligations without excessive costs and fees.

Along with a visual assessment, we take several swab tests and air quality samples to test for mold indoor and outdoor for comparison. Samples are then sent to a Certified Laboratory where they are examined for traces and levels of mold spores. Remediation protocol will be provided with lab results. It can be performed alone or together with a full home inspection.

A sewer scope is a type of inspection we perform using a camera on the end of a hose all the way down the main sewer line from the house out to the sewer main off the street. It’s very important to do one because you obviously have no idea what is going on in that sewer line until there’s a problem. When buying a house it’s important to inspect that line in almost every scenario especially with older houses in this area where you’re responsible for the sewer line out to the main. But even in newer construction homes, where we’ve encountered heavy equipment crushing sewer lines when they’re building the house or a joint connection might be just disconnected enough where it could cause a problem over a period of time. For that reason, it’s important to do one in almost every scenario.

We are working to make the following additional services available soon to serve the needs of all of our clients: Thermal Imaging – 11th Month/Builders Warranty – Real Estate Photography – Yearly Home Inspections – New Construction Phases – Remodeling Overseeing – Move-in Ready – Energy Efficiency – 4-Points Inspections – Pools & Spas – Radon – Air Quality – Water Quality – Wood Destroying Organisms – Well/Septic Inspections –

typical proccess of a home inspection

Once you schedule your inspection online (preferred) or by phone:
We verify your contact info and property to be inspected.
We email you the final quote and agreements.
You review all paperwork and sign all agreements.
We request all documents be signed and payment made before inspection begins.
We will email instructions to prep the house for inspection.
At the inspection, you are welcome to follow the inspector as he performs the inspection starting with the outside (roof, siding, foundations, etc;) then the inside, ending with a visual overview/summary of preliminary findings and answering any questions you may have. The final report will be emailed in less then 24 hours.

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